A short film about a young priest who finds himself in danger when he goes too far in his search for heaven and hell.  The film is now available on Amazon Prime.

To The Beat!
To The Beat! follows 14 year old twins Mia and Mackie who have grown up dancing. From the time they were 3 years old, that's been their passion - there's just one difference. Mia loves tap and Mackie loves jazz. When a popular pop star launches an internet contest to find the perfect dance group for his next music video, the twins each form their own competition group, leading to a battle, at the dance studio and home, which allows their arch rival and neighbor, Avery, the best dancer of all (who knows it too) to get the upper hand in the contest.  This film is currently in post-production.

No Distractions

‚ÄčAn ex-pop star is given the chance at her dream career if she can find a way to work with the cynical producer hired by her new record label.  This feature film is currently in development.


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